Kalaari Vapital Creator economy report

Author s
Rahul Mathur
@ rahulmathur2501

Kalaari Capital, a prominent Indian VC, recently released a report on the creator economy in India. What can you learn from this as a creator? Let’s find out 👇

  1. You're in the right space 🚀 - With 448 million active social media users and low data costs ($0.68/GB), content consumption is exploding in India. It's only upwards from here! 📈
  2. It's still early days 🥱 - Short-form video discovery platforms raised $900m (🤯) in 2021. This points to the nascent stage of the space as creator discovery platforms scale up, i.e. content distribution will get easier for talented creators.
  3. Short-form video content is king 🤴- Due to cheaper smartphones, low data costs and reducing attention spans, short-form video content is what everyone's consuming. Make that Instagram reel! 💃
  4. Try out new platforms like Josh, Moj and MXTakatak - As these platforms push for hyper-growth, identifying, acquiring and promoting talented creators is going to be a major focus for them.
    Take advantage of that and get on their radar! 🚀
  5. Money 💸 - Everyone needs money. While ad-revenue and brand deals are mostly how you earn as a creator today, both are unpredictable and unsustainable. Though ad-rev and brand deals take some time to consistently come in, creators can monetise their skills via freelancing and solopreneurship to earn money!

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