Reintroducing Munch

Rahul Mathur

Hey everyone, it's been a minute. Hope y’all are doing good! It's been sometime since you heard from us and a lot has changed.

As we learnt about the challenges people faced with money, the plight of creatives and self-employed folks caught our attention. As a result, we’ve pivoted from solving money related problems to helping creative folks spend less time on "business" activities and more time creating. This is why we did so:

  1. Freelancing and artistic careers have a certain set of fanatic advocates. While not everyone's cup of tea, a set of people out there love that life. Though we had a different focus when we started off, we couldn't help notice the intensity and passion in these folks.
  2. Business tasks like invoicing, client negotiations, drafting contracts, etc. take up significant time. These things are unfamiliar and not enjoyable for creatives. They take away time from their core craft and reduce the number of projects they could be working on.
  3. More people want freedom and creative stimulation. Tired of working with one employer in monotonous jobs, millennials want to break away from their corporate jobs while Gen-Z watches closely.

Freelancers work on projects they like, on their own time, on their own terms and enjoy a freedom and quality of life few others relate to. It’s not always hunky-dory. But it’s a leg up to your process-oriented corporate job. We couldn't help but think that more people should be doing this.

Our aim is to build something that moves us closer to a world where more people experience this life. A world where creative individuals and small-teams don't have to worry about their taxes or spend time chasing clients.

At Munch, we want to make freelancers and creatives successful doing what they enjoy most. By providing tools that simplify time-consuming tasks, we want to make the creator journey less overwhelming.

Administrative tasks like invoicing, taxes and contracts take up unnecessary time. Existing products focus on SMB’s and MSME’s and bucket freelancers as an extra but lower priority customer.

One-person creative businesses have different needs, requirements and an ability to pay. This is where we start our journey.

It’s day 1 for us. We've built an MVP with a select set of users and have a long way to go. We’re also building small products on the side to help freelancers with challenges we come across. (Need help figuring out conversion fees when working with international clients? Check this out).

Going ahead, we're gonna be sending a newsletter twice a month giving a TLDR on what’s happening in the freelancer/creator world, covering creators/stakeholders in this space and distilling our learnings from them. We’re also going to be tweeting about this so give us a follow on Twitter if you’re active there.

If you’re someone who works independently, you can click on the button below to check out our product. It’s pretty minimal right now but there’s lots more coming your way to help you cut down on this!

Try Munch for free, Try Munch for free

For all the freelancers and creators out there, we’re here for you!